Description of the platform & terms of use

By using this platform, you acknowledge having read these terms of use and you accept them. This page offers a translated version, for information, of the original French version.

What is your privacy policy?

When using the platform services, we do not collect your personal data.

How may I use the platform?

The objective of the platform is to promote the learning of the Latin language and to provide users with opportunities for improvement as well as contact, according to the needs of each, with qualified teachers. Your use of the platform should not prevent us from achieving these goals and should not prevent other users from learning the Latin language.

Who has access to the platform services?

The platform is accessible to everyone.

What services are available on the platform?

All services currently available on the platform are free of charge. Some services depend on progress history and are therefore only available to users with an account. The following categories of services are available:

  • Public services, meaning services that are accessible without being signed in.
  • Private services, meaning services that need an account to function properly. Some public services are also extended when signed in.
  • Donator services, meaning services that can be accessed with an account and a one-time donation (any amount). These services include functionalities that cost me more money than the above to run.

What are the public services?

Public services can be accessed by anyone and are free of charge.

  • Access to the directory of modules created by users
  • Access to playlists created by users
  • Access to exercises generated by TutorBot (note that TutorBot requires a history to produce relevant exercises)
  • Access to the textual classification AIs
  • Access to the image generation AIs
  • Access to the visual dictionary
  • Access to the assisted reading interface
  • Access to the assisted composition interface
  • Feedback on single module
  • Marking "To do" modules (an account is required for marked modules to be saved)
  • Listen to Latin audio
  • Access to Winge's Latin macronizer

What are the private services?

Private services can be accessed by anyone with an account and are free of charge.

  • History and progress tracking
  • TutorBot as a progress tracker and personalized study plan provider (currently only available for learning vocabulary and phrases)
  • Creating, publishing and editing modules
  • Creation and editing of private playlists
  • Generate Latin audio

What are the donator services?

Donator services can be accessed by anyone who has an account and has made a one-time donation of any amount.

  • None

What is an "account"?

An account is free and anonymous. It represents access to the platform's free services such as exercises and the module editor. It is saved locally on your device and allows you to save your progress in learning the Latin language and edit the modules you have created. No data identifying you personally passes through our servers.

Why create an account?

In order to use certain platform services, it is necessary to create a user account. If you do not wish to save your progress locally, you can simply recreate an account each time you log in. Note that the destruction or loss of an account implies not only the loss of your progress, but also the loss of access to the modules you have created.

How to create an account?

Simply provide a username or pseudonym of your choice and, if you wish, encrypt your data using a password. No email address or other personally identifiable data is requested. Please note that usernames are not unique. When creating and publishing content, you will be assigned a random sequence of characters (e.g. yourusername [x8s]). This helps other users distinguish you from other content creators and prevents impersonation.

What can I do with an account?

You have access to all the free services offered by the platform such as modules, challenges and the module editor.

How can I destroy my account?

All you have to do is destroy your save file. Only you have access to it. When an account is destroyed, access to modules created with this same account is lost. This access cannot be recovered.

Who owns the content I post?

By posting content on the platform, you acknowledge that you own all rights to it. You retain ownership of your content, but you grant us a worldwide, free, eternal, irrevocable, non-exclusive, transferable, resalable right to use, copy, modify, adapt, distribute, store and publish your content and username. The content you publish is solely yours. TutorLatin assumes no responsibility and reserves the right to remove any inappropriate content without notice.

What can't I do?

  • Do not use the service in such a way that it can no longer fulfill its objectives.
  • Do not access or attempt to access non-public data.
  • Do not use the Services for the purpose of promoting any product, person, policy or service or to distribute malicious code.
  • Do not violate the applicable laws as well as the intellectual property of others.
  • Do not crawl, scrape or automatically collect data on the platform.
  • Do not attempt fraud.

Intellectual property

The Platform, the Services and all other elements of the Platform, which are not explicitly indicated as belonging to a user, belong to TutorLatin, which reserves all rights.


We make the services available to users on an "as is" and "as available" basis without any guarantee that they will be functional or useful for achieving any purpose whatsoever. We do not guarantee that all services are complete, functional, correct, reliable and free from errors and viruses. We are not responsible for content posted by users. We decline all responsibility for any damages suffered as a result of the use of our platform, whatever they may be, including if they arise from content published by users.

What is the legal venue?

Swiss law applies.

Can this charter be modified?

We reserve the right to modify this charter.

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