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Open courses

Courses or playlists can help learners find a good learning rhythm.

Latin composition

This module focuses on Latin writing skills and style. Cicero's style is used as the benchmark.

Vocab trainer

Intuitive vocabulary acquisition through synonyms and images.

Roman history timeline

Reorder a sequence of historical deeds.

Image description

Find and identify the latin words used in creating a picture.

Featured tools

A comprehensive database of resources to learn Latin

TutorLatin makes freely available to learners and teachers a large repertoire of modules, exercises, courses and lessons.

Users also have the option of publishing their own resources.


TutorLatinBot is a standalone, experimental program that creates custom modules. When you start an exercise controlled by the bot, it creates a progress profile. This profile is then used to personalize the content of the different exercises generated by the bot.

TutorLatinBot's objective is to optimize a learner's 'learning rate'. This means that it adapts the questions in its exercises to ensure that the learner has acquired the target knowledge.

The use of the bot is free and the progress profile never leaves the device of the user, who has the choice to download it and reuse it afterwards if he wishes.

Latin composition mdule

The Latin composition module is composed of several tools allowing the user to obtain real-time suggestions and feedback while writing in Latin.

The module is under development.

AI generated images for language learning

In order to support learners in their vocabulary acquisition process, we are looking for ways to automate the production of images based on specific keywords.

Our goal is to provide learners with a visual and interactive aid when learning new words or reviewing them. Currently, this aid takes the form of an exercise presenting an image to the user and a list of words and expressions to assign or not to the image. The content of this exercise, since it is managed by TutorLatinBot, is different with each instantiation (at least partially).

The images shown in the exercises are generated using models such as Midjourney and DallE from Latin keywords automatically translated into English.

900+ free modules

Access many free modules to progress quickly in your learning of the Latin language. Share your experience with the community and help it grow by creating modules yourself.

A free platform

The platform as well as all the tools are made available free of charge to the community. All resources, exercises & content are made available by private contributors & TutorLatin.

AI powered learning

Tutorlatin supports the development of didactic tools to reinforce the process of acquiring the Latin language. Most of these tools are available for free on the platform.


Damianus de Caballariis

Familiarize yourself with Latin epic poetry by discovering the epic of William Tell entirely in Latin. The didactic work offers a progressive introduction without any precepts to the Latin dactylic hexameter.

Damianus de Caballariis, Tellica
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