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It is now possible to resume a module from a saved checkpoint
New color theme
New dark and light themes & improved readability
New fonts
The OpenDyslexic font and other palaeographic fonts can be used in text-based modules
Extended scheduler
TutorBot will now watch all modules to build a user profile
New playlists
~30 new playlists have been added to help navigate modules
Read along with Latin audio
A custom audio player has been added to text-based modules (MCQ & Reading)
Tellica: Res Gestae Wilhelmi Telli
The epic of William Tell translated into Latin is available on Amazon
Buy it
One-click Lewis & Short gloss
Users can now get a word's definition by clicking on it (MCQ & Reading)
Improved Ciceronian composition module
New tools have been added to the composition module to make writing in Latin easier
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