Language skill scale

Below is the skill scale practiced by TutorLatin and the levels of proficiency expected for each grade.

How do I determine my level?

The modules as well as the challenges freely available allow you to quickly estimate your current level.

Introductory elementary level, A1

  • Skills: understanding and use of simple sentences with help, case system, declensions and conjugations
  • I read with ease: Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata: Familia Romana (Ørberg)
  • I write like: Google Translate

Intermediate elementary level, A2

This level generally corresponds to that obtained in Gymnasium/High School and expected to enter University.

  • Skills: basic oral comprehension in semi-autonomy and/or with dictionary, basic oral expression, syntax and concordances
  • I read with ease: Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata: Roma Aeterna (Ørberg)
  • I write like: ChatGPT

Independent threshold level, B1

  • Skills: independent oral comprehension, ability to form a basic, coherent and comprehensible speech, ability to participate in Colloquia Latina
  • I read with ease: the History of Apollonius of Tyr, Eutropius
  • I write like: the 3rd century Latin student that translated Babirius' fable n°16 to Latin.

Advanced independent level, B2

  • Skills: good oral comprehension on various topics, ability to form an improvised speech on complex topics, ability to clearly communicate a position and arguments during a debate, ability to explain abstract concepts to an interlocutor
  • I read with ease: Petronius
  • I write like: Camillus and Bartoldus in the Manuale Scholarium

Autonomous experienced level, C1

  • Skills: very good oral comprehension, great ease of expression, developed mediation ability
  • I read with ease: the speeches and letters of Cicero
  • I write like: Ørberg

Experienced master's level, C2

  • Skills: near-natural level comprehension, expression, interaction and mediation abilities, correct use of idioms
  • I read with ease: the philosophical works of Cicero
  • I write like: Petrarca, Erasmus, Descartes, Cicero, etc.
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